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Background: Journey to conceiving our first baby!

It's been no secret that Trey and I intended on having 2-3 children close in age. Originally, I wanted a two year age gap or less, but unfortunately that wasn't an option. We considered trying for a second baby when baby before Jude turned one, but since there's no definitive studies on whether the fertility medications are safe for nursing moms/babies or not, we decided to wait until he was less dependent on breast milk to move forward.

In May, when Jude was 13 months, it looked like he was getting ready to self wean so I made an appointment and went through a round of Clomid. Jude did NOT want to wean, and it was an awful week with a lot of tears. We went ahead and did an IUI with Dr. Reshef, but because of a few miscommunications, I believe we may have done it a few days too late. Needless to say, it was unsuccessful.

There was a bit of a scare in July, which pushed our plans back a little longer. After a trip to the ER, Trey was prompted to visit a urologist to examine a testicular mass. In late August, Trey had a second ultrasound to determine if the mass had changed any. After viewing the images, his doctor suggested scheduling an Orchiectomy ASAP. Within three days he was in and out of surgery, and we had confirmation from pathology that he did NOT have cancer! Best news ever.

Throughout the cancer scare, we discussed whether we would even be able to have another baby, and how we felt about those odds. It was difficult to come to terms with, but ultimately we were okay with our little family of three if that was the way things had to be. After we were in the clear, we spoke with both Trey's urologist, and our RE, and both confirmed we should have no more trouble conceiving now than we did before.

Here we are, at the beginning of October and we're starting a new cycle with intentions of a repeat IUI this month. Jude has officially gone 48 hours with out nursing, and all is well. I'm taking a hefty dose of Femara, and just waiting for the rush of hormones to take over my life.