OKC Birth Photographer | Home Water Birth | Becky

Becky contacted me to photograph her birth during her first trimester. She is a Bradley Method instructor, and was wanting photographs from her own labor that she could share with her students during class. Over the past several months I've learned a lot about her, partially via stalking her blog posts on Oklahoma City Moms Blog. Becky called me Monday as I was walking into a doctors appointment to tell me her water had broken. My immediate reaction was panic because I did not have any equipment with me. I told her that I was on the other side of town and to keep me updated.

I didn't hear much else for the rest of the evening. Around 8, I let Becky and her husband Dustin know that I was heading to bed and to not hesitate to call me if there were any changes. Dustin called me at 12:01am and very calmly said "We're ready for everyone to come" I grabbed my bag and was on my way.

She labored throughout the night, napping a few times. Her labor stayed active enough that no one considered leaving, but slow enough that it lasted quite a while. Although I'm sure it wasn't her intention, she managed to labor in every possible way - insuring that she will have plenty of images to share with future students.

Sweet Karrick was born into his mother and father's arms on Tuesday night around 1030. His birth was such a perfect ending to a very long journey.

Birth Team : Dawn of Moments of Bliss Midwifery Services, Brandy of Willow Birth Services, and Lauren of Sparrow Song Birth Services.