Oklahoma City Birth Photographer | Renaissance Womens Center | Welcoming Graycen

I first met Brittany way back in the day at a church youth function, we became good friends, and have kept in touch over the years. I photographed her oldest daughter as a newborn, and I was there the day she married the sweetest guy she'd ever met and gained a last name I'll never be able to spell without looking it up.

I'm so glad I was able to join Brittany and Jesse when they welcomed their rainbow baby into their family earlier this week. Lets be honest though, most of these photos are focused on big sister Bryleigh, who is over the moon with her new baby sister (as long as she doesn't get put on diaper duty).

Since Graycen was planned to arrive via scheduled csection, I got to hang out with the girls in the waiting room for what was the longest two hours of Bryleigh's life ;)