Oklahoma City Birth Photographer | Women's Health Center of Edmond | Ezra's Unconventional Birth Story

I almost missed this birth.
Had any little thing gone slower, I would have missed it.
Jason sent me a text at 7:49pm that Katie's water had broken and I should head that way.
My gear was already loaded in the car and ready.
Google decided to give me four separate locations for the hospital, instead of the one it had given me earlier that day.
I got the correct address while driving towards the highway, behind what seemed like THE ONLY CAR TO EVER GO 30 IN A 45. (Don't be that guy, please)
I pulled up to the hospital, spotted the entrance where two ladies were standing outside (as it turns out, they were standing outside because the doors are locked after 7pm.)
Someone walked out of the hospital as I locked my car - I yelled for them to hold the door and ran across the parking lot.
The nurses in L&D had to check with Katie before allowing me back, in case she didn't want visitors. (I told them she definitely wanted me there)
I walked into Katie's room at 8:32
Ezra was born at 8:36

Katie had originally planned a home birth, and told me at length how she absolutely did not want a hospital birth, and that I was to please make the photos look as much like they weren't in a hospital as I could. When she delivered her baby in two pushes on the floor next to her bed, I realized I couldn't do what she asked, because even though she was in a hospital, this was nobody's hospital birth.