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I had full intentions of starting this blog two weeks ago, but ultimately decided it would be best to wait until I could end it on a definite note instead of having to leave it open for another update.

As many of you already know from my personal blogs 1, 2, I am currently TTC #Baby2Take2. A birth client called me as I was walking into a doctors appointment telling me her water had broken. I let her know that I was on the other side of town and to keep me updated. At this ultrasound appointment, we found not one but TWO(!) follicles at 20 and 21mm. Until this point I've only ever produced one follicle per cycle. Dr Reshef sent me on my way with an Orvidrel trigger shot to induce ovulation, and scheduled me for an IUI the following afternoon at 2pm.

I immediately started contacting my backup photographers to see who could cover for me if I needed to be at Becky's birth during my IUI appointment - since it isn't something that could be rescheduled, and missing it could mean missing our chance this month. I struggled hard with this decision. If I went to the appointment without a backup in place, there's a chance I could miss her birth entirely, but if I missed the IUI I would be starting over again next month, which is not only expensive, but there's a chance I may not ovulate, and completely miss the opportunity to conceive.

I found a backup photographer who covered for me long enough to go to Baptist and come back, and Becky delivered her sweet baby hours after I returned. I'm SO SO glad everything worked out and I was able to essentially be in two places at once. (link!)

After every IUI comes a long and horribly unbearable two week wait. I am not good at waiting. I took pregnancy tests on days 5, 7, 10, 11, 12,  13, 14, 15, (and 16 for good measure).

There is in fact some method to my madness. A trigger shot can cause a false positive, so when day 5 was negative, I knew the trigger shot was out of my system and any positive that came after this would not be false. SEE, logic. ;)

Days 7 and 10 were negative.
At this point I found an entire infertility community that I didn't know of in 2013. Reddit has at least 5 subs regarding infertility, ttc, chart stalking, and even one dedicated to posting pregnancy tests for second opinions.

Day 11 was POSITIVE! I called my RE's office monday morning (day 13) and went in for a blood test to confirm. After confirmation that afternoon, we immediately told our family and close friends.

We're super excited to bring our second baby home this summer, estimated due date is early July, but based on my first pregnancy, I'm not holding my breath.

Trey and I went back and forth for a few weeks on whether we were comfortable announcing a pregnancy this early, and I know my grandma would clutch her pearls if she knew we were telling the world at 5 weeks. After lots of soul searching and discussion, we feel that every baby needs to be celebrated - and since you all have come through this journey with us so far it seemed only right to bring you through it now. We know that risk of miscarriage is still high, but we want everyone to celebrate this life with us as it is.

Contrary to what many people believe, the struggle with infertility doesn't end at the sign of a positive. I've had a lot of guilt the past two weeks, knowing that while we did struggle, we've exited the infertility journey much much sooner than a lot of couples are able to. From start to finish, conceiving this baby has taken us less than 7 months. Many couples fight this same battle for YEARS. My hope is that anyone reading this who is still struggling, will be on the other side with us shortly <3