Oklahoma City Birth Photographer | 2015 Recap

Trying to choose the 'best images of' is sort of like choosing which child is your favorite. Yeah, sometimes you like one more than the other, but ultimately there really isn't a 'best' and 'worst'. At least I hope that's how it is, I'll update on that next year.

As I was attempting to choose my favorite images from this year, I decided I just can't do it. Instead, I've chosen images that reminded me why I love birth photography.


The Labor

Every mom, whether she labors medicated, unmedicated, induced, has a cesarean (whether planned or emergency) - Every. Single. Mom. walks into this room knowing she's about to experience some of the worst pain she'll ever endure, and yet, she walks in willingly and does it anyway.

The Waiting

One hour, or three days. Waiting for a baby to be born when you're outside of the delivery room can feel like decades.

The Moment of Doubt

99% of laboring women experience this. It's typically a sign that transition is near, and your baby will be here incredibly soon.

The "I DID IT!"

Yes, YOU! YOU did this! You're amazing, and strong, and you did it! This is when the tears begin flowing and doulas begin bouncing around with joy.

The Excitement

Whether this is your first baby or fourth, there's nothing more exciting than meeting your baby for the first time.

The Tears

Remember those tears that began flowing after she did it? It's a CLOSE tie between which is more fulfilling to capture, the excitement or the joyous tears. I'm happy to capture either.

The Moment You Become A Mother

In an instant everything you've ever worried about becomes insignificant and you can't comprehend how something so new and so foreign to you can matter so much.

The Cheesy Babies

Birth junkies rejoice!

The Siblings

Ask any soon-to-be-sibling and they'll tell you, they've waited literally one million years for their new baby to be here and absolutely adore them already.

The Placentas

Your body produces an entire organ for the sole purpose of nourishing your baby. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

The Dads

Is there anything better than a grown man turning to mush over his new child? No? I didn't think so either

The Babies

You didn't think I would forget these guys, did you?

Midwives, OBs, Nurses, and Doulas

Your birth team can help your birth plan come to life. Choosing care providers who you're comfortable with and fully trust is one of the most important decisions you'll make about your labor.


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