Oklahoma City Birth Photographer | Integris Baptist Medical Center | Taylor

I may be a little biased, but if you’re going to have a baby in a hospital, Baptist is the place to be.
Ashlee had exactly 92 false alarms between April 20th and May 8th. But once Taylor decided she was ready, she didn’t hesitate for a moment! I got the call to go in at 1:25, and by 1:59 I was getting a flood of messages
“I’m at a 6!”
“I’m at a 10!”
“I need to push now!”
Ack! I was still 10 minutes away, and little did I know – not only was the exit to NW expressway under construction, so was the entrance to the hospital! I finally found a way in, and ran through to the elevators which seemed to take for-ev-er. I made it into Ashlee’s room not too long before she started pushing – and I SWEAR she delivered Taylor in three pushes. Never in my life have I heard of such nonsense 😉

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