Oklahoma City Birth Photographer | Norman Regional HealthPlex | Lana

I never expected to have such a crazy weekend. When Randy and Lina contacted me to photograph the birth of their baby girl, I let them know that I had another mama due the week before them, but the odds of them both delivering on or before their due dates MUCH LESS the same day were slim to none. First time mama’s never deliver early, right? Wrong. Lana decided to surprise us all and come a week early. My other mama told me she was in labor only 14 hours after Lana was born. I was one busy birth photographer!

I arrived at Norman Regional right as they went back to the OR, so I loitered around in the waiting room and did just that. Wait. And of course take some pictures.

When Randy came out to introduce everyone to little Lana, you could tell he was on cloud nine with his baby girl. All her grandparents were certainly ready to see their beautiful new granddaughter. The family was all smiles and everyone said baby looked just like her Mama and Daddy. Lana's new grandparents couldn’t get over her tiny, little feet. I’d say this family is quite smitten with their beautiful baby girl.

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