Oklahoma City Birth Photographer | Lakeside Women's Center | Owen

The second half of my busy weekend started when I got a text Saturday afternoon saying Christina was starting to go into labor. We all thought baby Owen might actually come on his due date!

I loved hearing this couple’s background. When anyone asked how long they had been together, they had to stop and think about it. They actually grew up next door to one another so Josh literally married the girl next door. It’s amazing to hear stories like that, it fills your heart and makes you realize that true love does exist. They have been married for a few years now and Owen is their first baby.

I met Josh and Christina at Lakeside early Sunday evening, 27 hours after Christina's labor had started. Christina was a trooper through labor, and Josh was exactly the support system every wife hopes her husband will be. Baby and mama worked so well together. Christina had plans for a natural labor and birth and Mr. Owen helped follow pretty close to her birth plan. He would get tired, but every time the doctor mentioned a different plan, he would fight his way back to help his mama get to her end goal. Let’s just hope he’s this cooperative for his mama in the upcoming years!

Owen was born a few minutes after midnight on Monday morning. He was slightly smaller thanexpected, and completely perfect. The family decided he had his mama’s nose, and they are over the moon about their new arrival!

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