Oklahoma Birth Photographer | Personal Blog | Welcoming Maisie Part 3 | The one with all the pictures

The on call OB rushed in, followed by a flood of nurses, and I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw Tiffany's head in the crowd. The OB came to me and assisted with the placenta. Through the commotion I only picked up bits of what was happening and being said. The OB begrudgingly commented that there was barely enough blood in the umbilical cord because clamping had been delayed for so long and I smiled a bit - my OB and I had planned to delay clamping, but I hadn't had a chance to inform the current OB about it. At some point, her umbilical cord had been cut and Maisie had been moved to the warmer instead of to my chest. I have no idea when this happened, and Trey isn't clear on whether he was able to cut it or not. Everything was utter chaos. I mentioned above the mess that I wanted to keep my placenta, and the OB denied my request because "It's gross, you won't want to do anything with it."  After 10 minutes or so, a nurse brought Maisie to me for the first time. She latched almost immediately and nursed like a champ - which was a huge relief after the initial struggle with Jude.
Maisie was an 8lb 20in chunk who quickly regained her birth weight and is hanging around the middle of the growth chart. She sleeps almost through the night - and has slept 8 straight hours a few nights, which we are incredibly thankful for considering 2.5 year old Jude still struggles with night wakings. She absolutely adores her big brother, and he tolerates her. Our little family is complete and we're considering installing a white picket fence soon ;)

*Photos courtesy of Tiffany Roberts Photography