Oklahoma City Birth Photographer + Doula | World Doula Week

But...what's a doula?


A Doula, also known as a birth companion or post-birth supporter, is a nonmedical person who assists a person before, during, or after childbirth, as well as her spouse and family, by providing physical assistance and emotional support.
— Wikipedia

I've had the opportunity to see several doulas in action while photographing births, and I've been lucky enough to mentor under a fabulous doula this year. From my observation, a doula is your best friend through labor and postpartum, and a guaranteed support no matter what your decisions are.

She'll be a constant contact during pregnancy, helping you craft your birth plan and prepare for the labor YOU want.

She'll hold your hair while you puke, and tell you how gorgeous you are after 30 hours of labor - even if you feel like a hot mess.

She'll remind your spouse that everything he's doing is perfect - because he feels completely helpless seeing you do all the hard work. Together they'll give you massages and counter pressure to help manage the pain while you work towards your goal of an unmedicated birth.

She'll keep you hydrated, nourished, and moving - to help get your baby here in a healthy manner.

She'll make sure you and your partner rest - because staying awake for 48 hours is hard on anyone, especially new parents

And when it's all over, she'll cry happy tears with you because after 9 long months you FINALLY FINALLY have your sweet baby in your arms, and it was all worth it.


As I venture into my own Doula journey, I hope I can be half the support these women are <3

Pictured: Josiah Hackney, Webster Certified Chiropractor in Emond, OK

Pictured: Josiah Hackney, Webster Certified Chiropractor in Emond, OK