What does a doula do...

After our initial consultation, a signed contract and retainer fee is required to secure your due date on my calendar. Once you're a client, I am available for phone/email/text support during business hours as well as after hours for immediate needs only (All medical emergencies should be reported to your care provider)

During Pregnancy?

     Two Prenatal Visits which include:

  • Discussing the desired role of the doula during labor and birth
  • A general overview of the birth process (This does not replace a childbirth preparation course)
  • Learning how to make informed choices
  • Discussing the client's wishes for labor and birth
  • Assistance in developing birth preferences and a written "birth plan"
  • Guided labor rehearsal; practicing relaxation/comfort measures, and positions for labor and birth.
  • Support through decisions

During Labor?

  • Provide continuous support to help you achieve a safe and satisfying birth experience.
  • Use intuition, knowledge, and experience to provide emotional, physical, and informational support to the client.
  • Help the client gather information to make an informed decision.
  • Gently remind the client if choices are deviating from the client's birth preferences.


  • Remain 1-2 hours after the birth to assist with comfort and initial breastfeeding
  • Contact the client at 24 and 72 hours postpartum for a well check and to answer any questions
  • Visit 1-2 weeks after baby's birth to discuss the birth and answer any questions the you may have as a new parent

What DOESN'T a doula do?

  • Take the place of the clients spouse or partner.
  • Make decisions for the client, or contradict medical advice from any care provider. 
  • Speak to the staff on the clients behalf regarding any medical care.


As a Doula, I do not perform any clinical tasks, including internal examinations or fetal monitoring. I will not silence your voice or stand between you and your care providers. I can not make decisions for you, I will aid you in researching and fully support your decisions.