The day I went into labor, I was so worried I wouldn’t contact Stephanie in enough time to make it to my home for the birth of my second beautiful baby girl. I had a super fast labor and delivery with my first, so I was so happy Stephanie got to me quickly and in enough time to capture some truly breath taking images of me laboring, my birth team supporting me and the amazing water birth of my Olivia Faye. As requested, Stephanie captured some really great “money” shots. I wanted my pictures to be able to tell the story exactly how it happened and I was so pleased she succeed. She was present but was respectful of my birthing space and the quiet peaceful vibe I was going for. I’m so happy I’ll have these pictures to look back on and show my children one day. Thank you Stephanie for doing a fabulous job! :
— Robyn
I cannot say enough about how thankful I am to have met Stephanie and had the pleasure of her capturing the birth of my son. She was at the hospital with me and my husband for 10 hours and was the most patient and selfless person the whole time. She captured moments that would have been forgotten easily with all the commotion and stress that was going on. I highly recommend that every mommy to be uses her services and orders an album. It is the most perfect collection of my birth photos and I will cherish it forever. Me and my husband are very pleased with Stephanie’s services and very thankful to have met her. I will definitely be using her talents again with my next births!
— Christina
I am so thankful for Stephanie and the photos she took of our birth. Stephanie was always professional, sweet, and supportive. During the birth, she maintained a quiet but encouraging presence. I loved her for staying with me for all 24 hours of labor. The pictures I received are amazing, and I couldn’t be happier with her services. I will forever sing her praises and recommend her to everyone I know. (And definitely get the printed album, too! It’s one of my most treasured keepsakes- wonderfully made!)
— Becky
I don’t even know where to start! Stephanie was GREAT to work with. She always responded promptly and was so easy to talk to. When I went into labor she was ready to go when we needed her and got there in plenty of time. As far as the quality of her photos, I don’t even have words to describe them! She managed to capture the perfect emotions in the perfect lighting. I am so happy that we made the decision to hire a birth photographer for our son’s birth and extremely happy that we chose Stephanie as our photographer.
— Brianna